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I paint smaller and lighter "Barn Art" than those seen on the old farmers barns around the country. First used as "landmarks" for giving directions to a certain farm or home barn quilts became popular well before the invention of the automobile.

My paintings are generally 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 feet x 3/4 inch sanded pine, birch or maple plywood. I hand layout all designs in pencil. I use acrylic paint and finish with 3 coats of crystal clear waterproof sealant. Beginning in May 2021 all 4 sides are rounded using a high speed router and painted to match the overall design.

The finished boards are meant to be displayed on the exterior of your house, shed or lanai. Some buyers display them indoors. 

Being a draftsman for a number of years I appreciate the precision required to hand paint the geometrical shapes incorporated in my work. I do not tape the edges to make straight lines but rather do it by hand.

USNavy veteran served from 1968 to 1972 on active duty and spent 12 years in the ready reserves, I spent 2 years at the Naval Air Station Roosevelt Roads, PR and the remainder of my time onboard the USS Independence CVA-62. I am retired from the industrial/utility cooling tower industry. I spent 40 years in the design, drafting, field testing, trouble shooting and sales ends of the business.

I am an active member and supporter of The Knights of Columbus, Elk's Veterans Committee and American Legion. I donate 10% of gross sales to those and other concerns when exhibiting at their invitation on top of my contribution to the State of Florida.

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